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  Core Values  

Our values are shared among workers, customers, and corporate liability. Open communication keeps all employees up to date on strategies, priorities, and our goals. Positive attitude, discipline and excellence in our workforce are achieved through clear expectations and explicit goals. Goals are constantly monitored by everyone in order to utilize our time and resources in the most effective manner to achieve results. Feedback is given at all levels in order to actively grow individuals and teams into being more effective. The empowerment of all employees gives us the flexibility and ability to change to meet our customer’s needs.


Values of Result
Result Driven---Working hard towards our goals to achieve results for every
Sustainability---Pursing long-term strategic development instead of
short-term profits.
Win-win Cooperation---Achieving Win-win status by mutual cooperation.

Values of Customers 
Customer Focus---Customer’s satisfaction is the basis of our existence and success.
Partnership---Seeking partnership to develop lasting/profitable relationships
with customers.
Competence---Not only delivering material but also delivering competence and
continuous improvement to customer.

Values of Personal
Openness&Initiative---Listening to improvement proposals from everybody towards changes
and innovation.
Honesty&Integrity---Being honest whenever to win respect from customers and other cooperation parties.
Teamwork--- Everybody plays a role in the company’s success through team work.