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  Customer Service  

Wincoo have established a full set of customer service system to provide standard,professional,comprehensive and fast service to all customers in the world. Customer service oriented and customer is not god but partner friends,all the work was tested and measured by the customer satisfication.Whenever or wherever, Wincoo will follow the principles as below:

Pre-sale Service
Investigating customer's demands and needs through sufficient communication with customers before sales,confirming each point may concerned about product quality and product application.

In-sale Service
Delivering qualified steel material according to technical specifications which confirmed in the sales contract and achieving timely,qualified and quantity performance to accelerate Wincoo's growth.

After-sale Service
Responsing to deal with all complaints within one working day and offer solution report within two working days.Continue to provide relevant technial support and make customer satisfaction questionare quarterly to improve Wincoo's customer service.