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  QC Solution  

If your esteemed company do not have confidence in Wincoo and product quality from Wincoo,you can ask SGS or other third-party inspection to carry out factory audit before ordering and final inspection before goods shipment.

Factory Audit
A Factory Audit can uncover problems before production. Through factory audit,we believe you will have an exact understanding of our capabilities, systems, management, and operating procedures. Factory Audit enables you to select a qualified supplier with confidence.
Sample Review
A Sample Review is performed when your esteemed company have a requirement of samples from Wincoo. Samples are directly sent to your required third party and they will test our sample quality according to your instructed criteria. Through sample check, you could have an exact & quick understanding of the quality of the samples; furthermore, samples have to be recollected & rechecked until you approve their quality. Sample Review enables the items you would order for mass production meet your standards in shortest possible time.
Final Inspection
Final Full Inspection: A Final Full Inspection is performed when production is 100% complete and ready for delivery from the factory or warehouse from Wincoo. Products are 100% inspected. Final Random Inspection: A Final Random Inspection is performed when production is at least 80% complete and ready for delivery from the factory or warehouse. Samples are randomly selected according to AQL sampling plans. Through Final Inspection, you could have an exact understanding of our goods. Final Inspection enables the final goods we delivered comply with your standards.
Loading Supervision
A Loading Supervision is performed when our goods are ready for loading into containers. Random quality checks (as included in the FI but not as detailed as an FI) are performed before loading. Container condition, product quantity, and loading process, etc. are verified. Loading Supervision enables your order meets your requirements in the ultimate process.