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  Talent Mechanism  

Talent is the strategic resource.The core of human resources strategy is training,absorbing,applying and exploring with talent. In the increasingly competitive talent market environment, Wincoo fully recognized that reasonable human mechanism can be formed quickly only by accepting an open talent and discovering and nurturing of talent under above mentioned strategic guidance.

Scientific and effective mechanism for talent-selecting
Best talent is the driving force for the development of company. We invite the most suitable talents who agree the enterprise core value idea into our company through scientific selection method, the strict selection standard, perfect interview & selection process, to establish scientific and effective, responsive and flexible recruitment system, to provide human resources support for company effective operation.

Fair and competitive mechanism for talent-employing
We build a broad platform for personal development for the employees, and offer challenging role in working. We assure you that for every employee who is talent with effort will gain a fair development opportunity. On the basis of performance appraisal, we are introducing competition mechanism to promote the talent to stand out for entrusting with an important post.

Plentiful and comprehensive mechanism for talent-training
We create learning organization by advocating learning and innovation, with developing of knowledge innovation. Through various ways of pre-service training, on-the-job training and self-training etc., we go ahead by human resources development, to realize the self -development for the employees. For the employees, who are willing to do something and able to do something, we will teach and guide meticulously in a variety of ways to improve their own comprehensive quality continuously. With inspiring their potential, we will help them to grow as the backbone talents for Wincoo.

Warm and perfect mechanism for talent-keeping
Wincoo has been setting up professional salary management committee to improve competitive salary system continuously,providing generous, industry-competitive welfare and benefits.Wincoo provide harmonious working environment and build team-working organization. Though careers development plan,every employee can develop together with Wincoo in the broad developing  platform.