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Besides providing external competitiveness and internal equity incentive salary,Wincoo also provide comprehensive welfare for all employees.Some are statutory benefits and some are flexible benefits. We pay close attention to changes and trends in the external market salary and benefits to ensure the level of salary and benefits in Wincoo has considerable competitiveness in our region and industry.

Basic Salary
We offer competitive monthly and hourly rate based on staff's ability and positions,and make adjust annually based on industry and market trends, national CPI index, employee performance levels.

Social Insurance
According to state regulations,we provide comprehensive insurance for employees such as pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and housing fund.
Performance Bonus
We offer performance bonus for staff who has outstanding performance, performance bonuss are paid on time every month. By sharing the company's profits, the employees benefit and the company's long-term development are connected closely.

Annual Bonus
In the end of every year,we will provide annual bonus based on company's running performance and employee's working performance.Employee's performance bonus are depending on employee's working contributions to Wincoo in the past year which reflect win-win concept for both parties.

Paid Leave
We offer all types of paid leave in accordance with national regulations, such as annual leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, marriage. For the traditional Chinese New Year holidays, in order to enjoy time with their families as much as possible, Wincoo provides longer Spring Festival holiday than national's regulations.

Holiday Gifts
In some traditional Chinese festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, we will provide holiday gifts or holiday cash. For female's special Women's Day,we will also offer holiday leave or holiday gifts.

Other Benefits
 In order to relieve working pressure,a tea-break will be held in every Wednesday's afternnon.Working time is from Monday to Friday,9AM to 18:00PM,8 hours in one day and 5 days totally in one week,no overtime working in Wincoo.Accordingly every staff can have more time in enjoying personal life or caring family.