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  Corporate Vision  

Our Future
We aim to be recognized as a respected global leading provider of special steel, a respected customer and a trustworthy citizen. We are dedicated to offer high-performance and environmental friendly steel products, to make quality steel in our daily life and keep Wincoo on continuous development.Wincoo will be established trade names, easily recognized in our market sector.  Our focus will be to respond to and meet the needs of the market rather than producing high volumes.  Wincoo will work closely with customers, both direct and final users, in order to understand their needs and establish a long term mutually beneficial relationship, simultaneously entering into strategic alliances with key customers and stockholders, allowing us to be competitive in both up and down market cycles.

Our People
We will provide a safe and positive workplace for our employees. Through mutual support sharing of tasks, risks and successes, we will help our employees to meet their expectations and goals. All employees share our values and achieve our standards.We give our people flexibility in order to achieve a good balance between working and private life. There are many opportunities to grow within our organization. Achieving goals will be rewarded, not only through our performance based wages but also through additional rewards like more vacation time. Awards banquets are conducted in order to recognize those that have achieved high levels of innovation or quality in their work. Mistakes are used as learning experiences and dealt with positively. However, insufficient performance is also dealt with appropriately. Negative attitudes are also not tolerated. Our managers lead by example upholding our values in their daily lives and never ask employees for something that they would not do themselves.

Our Innovative Capability
Thanks to greater technological innovation with respect to new world competitors, our technological gap has been maintained giving us a competitive advantage. Our processes are more flexible and support continuous improvement in quality and efficiency. We maintain close ties to our customers and suppliers knowing their needs and considering them partners in development, not just for sales and supply. We continue to develop together through continuous improvement and provide customized service. We have service centers for reaching global market sectors. We monitor the market closely, in order to detect trends and opportunities. Capitalizing upon the strengths of each employee enhances our ability to continuously improve processes.  Our positive attitude towards change and improvement allows us to be forward looking, adapt with rational planning, continuous improvement and, when necessary, complete transformations