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  Corporate Responsibility  

Overall responsibility for developing and reviewing corporate policies on social, environmental and ethical performance lies with the Wincoo Board.  Individual business units are then responsible for ensuring that these policies are applied in their particular jurisdiction, taking account of local legislation, regulation and cultural sensitivities.Our social responsibilities are as belows:

Legal Compliance
Wincoo and all employees must comply with every law or regulation that applies to the Company's business. If we are unsure whether a particular legal provision is applicable or how it should be interpreted, we should consult our supervisor or the Legal Consultant. We will not offering nor accepting any commercial bribery.

Employee Policy
Our employees are central to the success of our business, and it is imperative that Wincoo aims to attract and retain the best staff to give us a competitive advantage.We believe that diversity in the Wincoo’s staff contributes to the success of the organisation.Wincoo are not only providing a safe and healthy and fair working environment for our own employees,but also provide a training and development platform to help staff reach their full potential by encouraging them to gain recognised qualifications.

Win-Win Cooperation
Wincoo has built good relationship with customers and suppliers(products suppliers and logistic service suppliers).Wincoo’s business conduct policy (Ethics Policy) aims to ensure that we conduct our business honestly, transparently and fairly. We strive to uphold the highest standards in our dealings with suppliers, customers to achieve win-win cooperation in long term.

Environment Protection
The steel industry, like other energy-intensive manufacturing industries, has been criticised over the years for being a major emitter of greenhouse gases.We will keep using our expertise in steel to develop cleaner and greener products. We are continuously improving our products manufacturing and making our contribution to the solution of climate change. Our efforts are focused on achieving continuous improvement in our environmental performance, by doing what we do more efficiently, developing more sustainable practices, and also working in partnership with others to help them achieve their environmental goals. We hold ourselves accountable for sharing environmental and technical knowledge throughout the business to improve our overall performance.

Social Charity
Supported by our employees, Wincoo is deeply committed to our role and responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. Supporting nonprofit and community efforts includes not only financial assistance, but time and other resources. Where appropriate, we also provide in-kind gifts. It is a mix of these abilities and energies that makes a substantial difference. Many Wincoo employees volunteer their time, talent and resources to make the not-for-profit sector more effective and our communities more vital.